A voice in Alsatian singing
Music like folk and electro ringing
Songs that from guitar strings flow
and stories that make our hearts glow

Isabelle welcomes you to her musical world!

Singer and Songwriter

Isabelle composes music and writes and sings songs in Alsatian, her native language. When she was 11 years old, she had her first appearance singing on stage and she wrote her first songs when she was 17 years old.

Fresh and Dynamic

With refreshing verve and energy Isabelle brings the Alsatian language to life with music in the style of pop-folk-rock-electro. One moment energetic, the next soft and tender, she shows the dialect to be an elegant and intact language. She sings forcefully about love, everyday life, and the times we live in.

The singer-songwriter accompanies herself on the guitar, and musicians who play various instruments (contrabass, theremin, piano, and percussion instruments) round out the performance.

Works, Recordings, and Stage

Isabelle writes Alsatian songs for adults and children. Her works have been included in several compilations, including “Lieder fer’s Herz”, “Mit’nander”, “Gospel Gsang”, “Barabli Hit”, and she has produced 2 albums of her own: “Morjerot”, with her own texts and music, and “Hin un Her” in which she has set texts of Emma Muller to music. In the album “D’Sunnebluem”, Isabelle sings poetical songs set to jazz melodies from Conrad and Jean-Philippe Winter.

She has given concerts on stage in Alsace, Germany, Switzerland, and Holland, including particularly at the festivals “Summerlied”, “Novemberlicht”, “Clair de nuit”, “Watthalden”.

Writing Workshops and Congresses

In 2009 Isabelle took part in the dialect symposium in Bosen, Germany. It was a week in which artists, songwriters, and poets met together to compare the variations in the dialect, to write, to sing, and to explore the Saarland.

In 2012, under the auspices of the gathering “Des coulisses à la scène” with the team Voix du Sud (founded by Francis Cabrel) and in partnership with the festivals “Summerlied” and “Novemberlicht”, Isabelle had the opportunity to work and train together with other German and French artists.

In the summer of 2014 she will resume her training and development with Voix du Sud and “Summerlied”.

Projects with other Artists

Isabelle enjoys appearing on stage with other artists. She has already worked together with René Egles, Roland Engel, Jean-Pierre Albrecht, Conrad Winter, Jean-Pierre Schlaag, Roger Siffer, Jo Nousse, Manfred Pohlmann, Günter Hochgürtel, Martin Weller, and others.

Together with the Hopla Guys she has created a bilingual (Alsatian-French) musical show.

She and author Stefan Woltersdorff perform musical literary readings throughout the Alsace.

For the Summerlied festival 2014, she worked on a french-german Project with Martina Gemmar, a singer and songwriter from the Palatinate.